Coach Patty

Patty’s health and fitness background includes a career in nursing, running, biking, and lifting
weights. In January 2015, she started CrossFit at Spa City CrossFit in Hot Springs, AR. She loved
it so much she quickly got her husband and three kids involved.

She was drawn to CrossFit immediately. A big attractor was the wide variety of workouts; it was
a different challenge every day. The biggest attractor, however, was the community that
CrossFit created. People of different abilities, backgrounds, and ages come together to train
and suffer as one. Each person pushing him/herself to the limit while encouraging others to do
the same. The intensity, variety, and encouragement pushed her to new levels and she enjoys
challenging others to do the same.

In October 2015 she earned her L1 in New Orleans, LA. The following January she completed
the CrossFit Kids Course at Mayhem in Cookeville, TN. Patty enjoys working with beginners and
those who think they “can’t do CrossFit.” She wants everyone to know they “can do CrossFit”
and she will be happy to teach you how to do a burpee, scale a pull up, or perform the clean
and jerk. Her passion, however, is working with kids. Through Kids CrossFit, along with fun and
games, she hopes to help them develop a solid fitness foundation and the confidence to face
life’s challenges.