Kristyn Adney

Group Class Coach

Credentials: CrossFit Level 1, Registered Nurse

Why I love CrossFit: I have always been in competitive sports—I played sports all
through high school, played softball in college, and then went on to co-ed sports as
school sports ended. I thrive in that competitive environment. I love when athletes have
a drive to get healthy and be better, and those are the only athletes that are found in a
CrossFit gym. I love the community that also comes along with a CrossFit gym. I’ve
made friends that will last a lifetime, and they always hold me accountable—helping me
to become a better person and athlete.
I became a coach, because I wanted to learn more about fitness, health, and how they
both coincide with a mobile, long-term health. CrossFit works for anyone at any age. I
started CrossFit at 30 years old and a mother, and I’m in the best shape of my life. I
love being active, and I love showing everyone else how they can be, too!

Favorite Movement: Power Cleans & Deadlift

Favorite Gymnastics: Toes to Bar